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Evans Pond, Jan. 20, 2007 (Winter Solstice - Spring Equinox)
artist: Deborah Garwood

I printed these two digital files individually as ink jet prints on archival sheets of Epson paper. I formatted the ensemble in digital form on a gray "canvas" for viewing on my website. In the spirit of my long-term project photographing Evans Pond in southern New Jersey, I've photographed this same fallen tree with infra-red film, black and white film, color print and transparency film, using vintage medium format cameras and 35mm cameras - sometimes fitted with pinhole apertures. The idea of the project is to explore notions of "place" and changing photographic technologies; my presence in this landscape, and how I inflect it by being there, with my body, mind and camera; and slow cinema, by virtue of the sequential photographic views I offer to the viewer.

Additional Information
Completed in: 2007
12 x 7 inches
Near or in New York, NY / United States