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artist: Fawn Krieger

This is a sculpture I made in 2010, that is based on a drawing. Both the drawing and the sculpture deal with a moment of intense fear and possibility that I was working through at the time. The body-as-mountain has been a continuous theme in my work since I began doing research in 2007 on the Rubble Mountains of Germany, produced from the wreckage of WW2 by a primarily female manual labor force. The sculpture is made from a concrete patched base, and piled with layers of concrete, tar, newspaper, polyfill, plaster pulp, and spray paint. I'm attached to this sculpture in a particular way. It is a piece however, that never really felt mine after I made it. As though, once I made it it no longer belonged to me. Who does it belong to?

Additional Information
Completed in: 2010
18 x 16 x 16 inches & 15 lbs.
Near or in Long Island City, NY / United States