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artists' trading cards
artist: Nicholas Holliday

I will give these small works up for adoption in sets of four. If adopters are willing to be available for contact via e-mail (I can coordinate this) from other adopters looking to swap "cards," they can potentially make trades and reconfigure their sets. Completing an actual swap or not is up to the two adopters. (This can be done easily through regular mail.) The sets are purposely "unmatched" to encourage the process. Of course, an adopter is free to keep their set as it is and make no trades. Works are in a variety of media on paper. Please feel free to request adoption even if you have adopted a piece of my work in the past. (More important to me in this endeavor is open communication and the spirit of free exchange.)

Additional Information
Completed in: 2011
3 x 5 inches
Near or in Great Barrington, MA / United States
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