Dianne Bowen

United States
New York, NY
born United States
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Born; Brooklyn, NY
Lives and works in New York City
see website; www.diannebowen.com

A Line, the simplest and most complicated marks, the earliest marks made by humans in a cave to communicate.

Fragility,language and connection are my main focus. Exploring materials through process, a conversation begins; my hand reacts to the surface. The works are based on initial translations of ambient sounds into forms of language and codes resulting in visual poems. Through these varied translations, I track, locate, decipher and reconstruct the myriad of infinite inaudible conversations and information bouncing faster than the speed of light. Lines in my work whirl about in a playful catch me if you can, as they crawl and swirl through constructed spaces seeking shelter and marking place. Time is both slow and fast. Through the process of mark making and use of materials reveals fragile connections. Using small metal dress pins and acid free tape, I meticulously piece patterns together creating temporary trails and spaces. Color in my work is minimal informed by basic organic life and urban dwelling. Painstakingly controlled drips of paint or drawing in varied pencils, are released into organic form and line allowing the work to reveal the unexpected while expressing my sheer joy in the process. Recently my work has expanded into installation and short video. I focus more on the inaction of moments that quietly connect and the interaction with the viewers during the process as an unwitting participant. Deciphering into visual messages uncovers conversations excavated from depths of nothing and everything.

This is the intimate language of life

My work is exhibited both nationally and internationally including; 2010,MUBE Museum of Culture, Brazil, group exhibition, 2010, 2009, Traveling group exhibition Museum of Contemporary Art DC - Washington, DC and Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) - Atlanta, GA,he Estonian Cultural House, NY NY “Home”, 2008, The Grace Institute, NY NY, "Never Routine", James Cohan Gallery, NY NY,Nurture Art 08, benefit curated by Koan Jeff Baysa,Lowell Pettit, Amy Rosenblum Martin and Lilly Wei 2007 A.I.R. Gallery, NY NY "7th Biennial" Juror Connie Butler, Chief Curator of Prints and Drawings, Museum of Modern Art NY and Fusion Gallery, Asian Cultural Center, NY NY "Essence of Asia". My work was also featured in Art in America june/july 2007 "girls, girls, girls.." pg 90 by Carey Lovelace

Artworks available from this artist:
Land Line
Photograph 20 x 16 inches
Artworks adopted from this artist:
Land Line
Photograph 17 x 14 inches