Eva Moll

United States
New York, NY
born 1975 Germany
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Currently based in Berlin and New York I mainly work in the media drawing, painting, happening, installation and performance art. My last performance in 2013 was at the Art Basel Miami Week with the title "Art is good". The closing statement of my EVE TOUR 2013 that involved exhibitions, performances, research, travels and expeditions in Europe and the United States.

Up for adoption is one sculpture created in 2013 based on a drawing from 1998. First exhibited at the "Mobile Sculpture Garden" curated by my New Yorker gallerist Uta Brauser at the Bushwick Open Studios event in Brooklyn, the work is part of an participatory and interactive art installation.

I want to encouraged the adopter to give the sculpture a name or title. Come up with ways to integrate the art in your life. For example change or rotate the display location, angle or spot once in a while. Or take the art for a walk, carry it around in public or lend it to friends and family at social gatherings and beyond. I would be happy if you send some pictures once in a while to share. It's up to you. :)

"Charlie’s Adventures in the Ultraworld started with Eva Moll’s Mobile Sculpture Garden, an interactive sculpture installation that required participants to carry the art around. Mine ended up in a few photographs of art that I took, so I kept putting it in. I began to think of it not as prop, but as a travel companion, and found myself referring to the work as “he.” I named him “Charlie” and our adventure continued. As an object, and as a character that interacts with them on a voyage of self-discovery, he opened an avenue for me to explore how things don’t simply surround us, but define us." John Eischeid
View pictures: johneischeid.com/photos/charlies-adventures-in-the-ultraworld-bushwick-open-studios-june-2-2013/

Biography: http://www.evamoll.net/bio_list.html

Solo Exhibitions (Selection):

2013 EVE – Monaco Performance, Villa Raviola, Beau Soleil/ France

2012 Pop Up Art, The 45th ST Theatre, New York, NY/ United States

2011 EVE - Contemporary Art, Castle Zeist/ Netherlands

2010 EVE - Contemporary Art, Vision Direct, Frankfurt/ Germany

Group Exhibitions (Selection):


Gifted Art, Love Yourself Store, New York, NY/ USA

Arts in Action, Wynwood Art District, Miami, FL/ USA

Botanical All, David Lade Apt, Chicago IL/ USA

Abduction, Atelier Montez, Rome/ Italy

Wurzeln weit mehr Aufmerksamkeit widmen, (Kunstverein Familie Montez, Frankfurt am Main), Preview, Berlin/ Germany

EVE Paintings, ArtHamptons, Bridgehampton, NY/ USA

Figment Festival, Governors Island NY/ USA

Mobile Sculpure Garden, BOS, Brooklyn, NY/ USA

Eva Moll – Facebook, Fountain Art Fair, New York NY/ USA

Chelsea Art Walk, Fish + Braids Gallery, New York NY/ USA

Exhibition List: http://evamoll.net/exhibitions.html

Artworks available from this artist:
you name it!
Sculpture 17 x 17 x 1 inches & 1 lbs.