The adopter, David Krueger, writes:

I saw this piece after checking FAAN when Adam Simon wrote news of the last article written about this great site.
i loved this piece immediately. I Wrote Cassandra and told her of my lifelong affection for works that caught a moment of the interactions of fluids.

Her Green approach and and the decorative convections that she offers are a nic strategy and infinitely accessible.

The adopter, Karen Schechner, writes:

I love the way Tilt-A-Whirl's fuzziness plays with ambiguity and imagination. It's sort of simultaneously innocent and ominous, carnival-esque and industrial. I wanted it and then wanted it some more the longer I stared at it.

When I first saw it on FAAN, I immediately emailed Dave to make my plea, and hoped no other potential adopters would convince him that they were worthy of Tilt-A-Whirl. After Dave was kind enough to respond that day to tell me the good news that T-A-W was all mine, we found out we have some things in common -- both queer with queer sibs who we love and who love us back, making us all, in a way, one big happy fegelah family.

Dave is clearly sweet and generous and talented, and my girlfriend and I appreciate his letting us ride Tilt-A-Whirl off into a green and purple sunset. Viva la FAAN!

The artist, David Krueger, writes:

I posted this piece on xmas morning around 10; went out with my partner to see a movie and returned at 1pm to find an adoption request!

Karen wrote that both she and her female partner love Tilt_A-Whirl, and in the spirit of the day I was very happy to tell her the piece was hers.
Karen is a writer and editor. She wrote a piece about FAAN for New York Press.

The adopter, qi peng, writes:

Met david with other FAAN members Niki and Audra today at Joe's Shanghai. Traded my painting "upside-down nude" for this lovely photograph which looks to be rather biological. Sometime cellular stuff really digs into my brain.

David is awesome and a warm-hearted artist who hails from the western part of the city. Great to see him and of course, he really loved the Chinese food at Joe's. ;)

thanks again!

The artist, David Krueger, writes:

Qi was very happy to adopt this work, and, I was happy to accept from Qi a self portrait done in 'white-out' !

The adopter, Caroline Cooper, writes:

I have watched David's work come on to this site and have always admired the depth of his pieces. When this piece came up for adoption it was love at first site. Before I saw the moose heads I saw what reminded me of the seaweed I used to play with at the beach. My grandfather and I used to wade through the waist high water and I would gather the sheets of the slippery stuff. As the only girl of all of the grandchildren I cherished any time I could spend with him. It brings back wonderful memories for me. At the top of the horns there are what look like bubbles coming to the surface.
Now RAIN lives my home.
When I picked up the piece at David's apartment it was wrapped. When I opened it at home it just took my breath away. A photograph doesn't do it justice My 11 year old son was mesmerized. It has a translucent almost gel like quality-but it is glass---The colors are so rich and deep. The moose seem to have met in the early morning mist. I have moved them from room to room and they have finally found their home in my living room. I am in love and I am forever grateful to David and his beautiful spirit.

The artist, David Krueger, writes:

It was a pleasure to meet Caroline when she popped in to pick up RAIN.
She has sent two subsequent emails of beautiful appreciation since receiving it. There's nothing like receiving glowing thanx from someone who relishes a piece of your work in their home.I'm especially pleased that RAIN
provides her young son with visual pleasure and provocation in regards to animals.