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This piece is from the Journeys, States & Locations show way back at Joel Beck & Jessica Murray's Salon 75 on Roebling. This was the first showing of my work which blended murky pop colored liquids and surreal light sources, with landscapes, portraits and psychologically loaded objects. #1 of 5, cibachrome mounted to plexi. Shipping charges to be paid thru PayPal or pick up here in Chelsea.

Additional Information
Completed in: 1996
12 x 19 inches
Near or in NYC, NY / United States
artist: David Krueger

The adopter, qi peng, writes:

Met david with other FAAN members Niki and Audra today at Joe's Shanghai. Traded my painting "upside-down nude" for this lovely photograph which looks to be rather biological. Sometime cellular stuff really digs into my brain.

David is awesome and a warm-hearted artist who hails from the western part of the city. Great to see him and of course, he really loved the Chinese food at Joe's. ;)

thanks again!

The artist, David Krueger, writes:

Qi was very happy to adopt this work, and, I was happy to accept from Qi a self portrait done in 'white-out' !

This artwork has been adopted.