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This is a pen and ink drawing by Santa Barbara artist Laura Devendorf. Laura's drawings create narratives around the lives of strangers, generally elderly ones, that she sees at greasy spoon restaurants. She bases each "3x5" on a person she observes and strives to glorify the inherent wisdom she perceives in them in the form of simple pen and ink drawings.

Additional Information
Completed in: 2006
5 x 3 inches
Near or in New York, NY / United States
artist: AT Free Space

The adopter, David Krueger, writes:

I love this piece. It's so simple and rich.
Jerry sits atop a bookcase in our living room just under a hanging 4x10 enameled brick which I took from the abandoned shell of the Cherry Hill Theater on the east river esplanade . Someone drew a 2.5 x9 inch cock in faded black marker. I gold leafed the surrounding face of the brick...Illuminated cock. Next to Jerry on the bookcase rests an old book cover fragment used to reinforce a painting which I received thru FAAN. The inside of the cover is printed with a drawing of a bird feeding her four young hatchlings in a nest within reeds. Apropo of a FAAN exchange with Nick the artist; across one of the reeds wrote "The care and feeding of harsh inner critics'.
These three pieces offer a wonderful exchange with each other.
Jerry seems comfortably tolerant, cool and interested.

The artist, AT Free Space, writes:

Now that I have this work in my home and Jerry appears quite happy, well, serene the n...I would like to officialize the adoption with our respective stories.
There may be other people out there who want Jerry and we don't want hearts bruised!

Please post post a big proclamation of my worthiness- or a celebration of how the FAAN show went!

This artwork has been adopted.