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This piece was made along with various other objects for an installation title "You Broke Up". This pieces is a hand cut, manipulated photograph. The image originated from an overexposed snapshot of the father of an ex-girlfriend of mine. Through melting and re-photographing numerous times the subject is transformed into a psychedelic, ghostly figure.

Additional Information
Completed in: 2007
19 x 14 inches
Near or in Chicago, IL / United States
You Broke Up (Photo)
artist: Matt Davis

The adopter, Drew Frost, writes:

Matt was so gracious to allow me to adopt this piece. I had originally requested to adopt a different piece of amazing art from Matt, however, he had already promised it to another individual. To my surprise, Matt offered to let me choose from a few different pieces he had!! How awesome is that?! Now, that is one stand up dude.

The piece itself, is hypnotizing, and maybe a bit disturbing as well..which could be the reason I enjoy it so much, ha. What is so phenomenal about this piece and the artist, is the way Matt was able to manipulate the photograph. "You Broke Up" opens the doors for such a wide spectrum of different emotions, feelings and viewpoints felt by all of its many admirers.

I am so honored that Matt allowed me to adopt this piece. I will treasure it forever!

Thanks Matt!

This artwork has been adopted.