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This is a unique dye-transfer monoprint on hot pink plastic. It is a test print which I decided not to print in this form. This multi-step process is admired for its imperfections adding to the wabi-sabi beauty of the finished work.

Additional Information
Completed in: 2012
10 x 7 inches
Near or in New York, NY / United States
Trailer (yellow & brown)
artist: Steed Taylor

The artist, Steed Taylor, writes:

"I would like to adopt Trailer (yellow and brown) so I can look at it when I’m feeling stressed and transport myself to a remote, quiet spot in the woods. The image reminds me of childhood family vacations when I would spend hours wandering through the wilderness collecting rocks and acorns and dreaming...The vivid colors combined with the peaceful setting seem to me like the ideal combination to inspire endless daydreams." Super nice request and I'm happy it found an appreciative home.

This artwork has been adopted.