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unique dye-transfer monoprint on coated and creased cotton rag paper with graphite texts, shown at Art Basel Miami. This multi-step process is admired for its imperfections adding to the wabi-sabi beauty of the finished work.

Additional Information
Completed in: 2003
28 x 39 inches
Near or in New York, NY / United States
Prayer for Tom
artist: Steed Taylor

The artist, Steed Taylor, writes:

In the email from the adopter he said "I have chosen to request this work because the mixture of text and visual art appeals to me. Sometimes we wish to say so much, but are unable to say what we want to say. Your piece seems to say the unspeakable-- the words we want to say in our gestures and our body, but only hope others perceive.
Your piece helps me aspire to connect to more people, and gives me hope that one day I will be able to say everything I want to say. I would like to place it where I can see it every day before I leave to go to work as a reminder to do MORE, to dare to be MORE." I couldn't say no to such a preceptive and generous request.

This artwork has been adopted.