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This is an original painting, 24 x 30 inches and 1-1/2 inches deep. Painted in 2007, it’s signed and dated on the back, and painted on all sides. It’s ready to hang, with or without a frame. The medium is repurposed acrylic latex paint on canvas. Repurposed acrylic latex is house paint that would otherwise go to waste, and that I rescue from reject shelves before it is sent to landfills. "Beginnings" is one of my poured paintings. I pour the paint onto the canvas, and manipulate it to create the design.

Additional Information
Completed in: 2007
30 x 24 inches
Near or in Los Angeles, CA / United States
artist: C. T.

The adopter, David Krueger, writes:

I saw this piece after checking FAAN when Adam Simon wrote news of the last article written about this great site.
i loved this piece immediately. I Wrote Cassandra and told her of my lifelong affection for works that caught a moment of the interactions of fluids.

Her Green approach and and the decorative convections that she offers are a nic strategy and infinitely accessible.

This artwork has been adopted.