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ceiling light

Additional Information
Completed in: 2008
8 x 10 inches
Near or in Hamden, CT / United States
artist: Suzan Shutan

The artist, Suzan Shutan, writes:

Adopter Said:
"I just love the play of color, shadows, and unusual angle of the piece. I work in Washington, DC. and have a MFA in studio arts, focusing on photography, and taught for several years at the Art Institute of Washington before transitioning to a small government agency that gives money to museums. I still take pictures, but my main interest now is writing about and studying contemporary art. I am really drawn to saturated hyper-real images, such as Marilyn Minter’s Paintings, or photographs of forgotten places, like Uta Barth’s work. Your image reminds me of both of these artists, but is also very different in your use of composition and subject matter. Pink vibrates with saturated color and reminds me of the unexpected lurking in familiar places."

This artwork has been adopted.