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Owning art, unlike seeing it in a museum, is a very primal pleasure. Having it there, close to you, something that you associate with great beauty or great emotional expression, something that you associate with a soul, or with status—is very important, it’s a very intense feeling for many people.
Tobias Meyer, head of contemporary art, Sotheby’s.

Welcome to the Fine Art Adoption Network (FAAN). Feel free to browse these pages to view contemporary art. All of the artwork on view is available for adoption—if it hasn't already been adopted.

The goals of FAAN are to place artworks by committed artists into deserving homes and institutions, as well as to offer a channel for new audiences for contemporary art. It is the intention of FAAN to engage art enthusiasts who never thought of themselves as art collectors, and to introduce them to the experience and pleasures of owning and caring for contemporary art.

Much of the artwork in FAAN was created by artists who have widely exhibited in museums and galleries. Yet, these artists have chosen to present their artwork here because it has the potential to generate a unique relationship between them and new audiences. As much as artists want to sell their work, they also want to communicate with others and have an impact on the lives of their viewers.

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A Note to Artists

FAAN is a way of getting your artwork out of your studio and into people’s homes or institutions. It is a way of connecting yourself and your artwork to people. FAAN could help create a new audience for your artwork. The artist is not required to give their artwork to you or anyone unless they choose to do so. There are no purchase costs but the adopter is expected to pay any costs associated with transferring the artwork.

You will be given your own webpage, and you will be able to manage it personally. You can offer and post images of 1-6 artworks. You can choose to describe your artistic practice, as well as introduce your artwork. You can participate for as long or as briefly as you choose. Through FAAN, you decide to whom you give your artwork.

If you do not have an invitation TOKEN but would like to participate, please send us an email describing the artwork you would like to post.

A Note to Adopters (a.k.a. Potential Collectors)

Simply browse the site according to various attributes of an artwork, e.g. size, location, medium, etcetera, or by reviewing the list of artists. When you find an artwork that you would like to own, you will have to complete a brief questionnaire. Your responses will be emailed to the artist. You may be the sole person who contacts the artist. Or, you may be one among several people who express interest in their artwork. Ultimately, the artist determines whom to give their artwork to. The artist is not required to give their artwork to you or anyone unless they choose to do so.

If you become an art adopter, congratulations!

If the artist does not select you as the adopter of their artwork, do not be discouraged. Initiating a conversation is a principal quality of art—and, likewise, central to FAAN.

General Notes

FAAN is intended for people who want to have a unique experience with the process of giving or receiving an artwork. There is an adoption limit of 3 works per person or institution within a 1-month period. The adopter is responsible for covering costs related to transferring the artwork(s) from the artist’s studio to its new home, and for taking care of the artwork. Please do not use this site for commercial purposes.

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